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The Lush lash blog aims to provide you with exciting new updates, training tips, salon support and exclusives from our Team! Our first ever blog we have dedicated to the Lush lash journey thus far. We hope that this helps you to see Lush lash through our eyes

The Lush lash brand began some four years ago. It began from a bright idea in Emma’s living room while she was a stay at home mum and has expanded beyond any expectations she could ever have had.

Emma decided she needed a part time job, something that would enable her to work alongside her husband whom was working full time and also having that flexibility for her two small children. Little did she realise, that she would be coming full circle and now spending several hours a week training other women who are in the exact same position as she was at the Lush lash Training Academy.

She decided a classic beginners lash course was a good place to start (having never done any beauty courses previously) and just like that…she fell in love with something other than the little people already in her world…lashing! She realised quite quickly, the only way she would improve and be the best she could be was to practise all the time and do more courses so she could be as educated as she could be within the industry. She then went on to follow the same two principles that she teaches students now – practise regularly and don’t stop learning. Emma, still now CEO of a large company, will attend 2-3 training courses a year…don’t ever get too comfortable!

After a short period of time Emma had a steady client base and realised it was time to grow her business. She recruited additional lash artists to work at home with her and began testing her own products. To cut a long story short…the product line LL Lashes was born!

The product line meant a lot of financial investment from savings and a lot of time spent. Emma realised she did not have enough time to test, advertise and work on the product line and lash full time so she again recruited a business development manager to assist with social media and product management. It was never about getting the cheapest or fastest products and chucking them into the lash world, it was about getting the BEST products that represented the Lush lash brand.

It wasn’t too long before Emma began leasing her very first salon and hiring more staff. This was a HUGE step and took a lot of work. If you ever plan on opening your own salon…add £10k on to your expected renovation budget! In all seriousness, it is a lot of work and financially a lot of money but with a loyal ever growing client base it’s worth it!

Some may think that once you have learned how to apply lash extensions or do a set of brows that it is as simple as that…WRONG! There are several lash and brow techniques and without further education it would be near impossible to master them all. Only last year the teams of Lushladies all learnt the new brow trend with our Lush lash Brow Educator – Brow Lamination. Completely different to your standard brow wax and tint but a new trend that clients will want to achieve when they visit the salon.

It’s super important to keep on top of new trends and for your staff to keep up consistent training also. We make it a rule that when you choose to work with Lush lash you also agree to undertake regular refresher training and mentoring.

After being open and successfully meeting all financial demands such as rent and wages we knew we had a recipe that worked! A little sooner than we expected an opportunity arose…we had been offered to take over the lease for a new premises!

This time Emma joined up with Lisa (who already did the social media and marketing work for Lush lash) as business partners and whilst it was not in the 2019 plans we went for it anyway and had zero regrets…Lush lash Halstead opened May 2019!

The LL Lashes product line now stocks hundreds of different items and the various lines are being added to all the time including our very own Lushlift range. We are excited to confirm a new brow range will also be launching soon….you heard it here first folks! #EXCLUSIVE

The Lush lash Training Academy is also going from strength to strength. We now have a team of several educators in the country and we are looking to expand on this in the very near future. We specialize in all lash and brow courses and ensure that the educators we have reflect the Lush lash standards! Training students is a passion for all the educators we have on board and all of which say that training is the best part of their job.

The moral of our story is, you don’t need to have had loads of experience in something, you just need to have the drive and commitment to keep at something until you are good at it and then once you are good at something…get better! Whether that is learning a new skill or using those skills you have and expanding on them. With the right team around you…anything is possible

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