Brow Lamination kit


Our Brow Lamination kit has arrived and we are excited!

Brow Lamination enables you to create fuller looking brows for those that have sparse hair and to tame those thick course brows by perming and setting them perfectly into place. Once Laminated your brows can be styled fluffy or uniformed depending on your client’s preference and these products and tools will help you to do just that.

Kit Contents:

1 x 10ml step 1 Lift

1 x 10ml step 2 Set

1 x 10ml step 3 Nourish

1 x Brow adhesive

1 x Brow tools (Mascara wands & Microbrush)

1 x Brow Film

Our airless pump bottles increase shelf life, protects products from oxidising and creates minimal wastage – which in turn creates maximum profit.

What’s the shelf life on these beauties?

10ml airless pump bottles – 6 months once opened

Adhesive – 8-10 weeks.

How should I store my goodies?

Store the bottle at room temperature and out of direct sunlight.

Do I need to patch test?

Yes. A patch test is required 48 hours prior to the treatment. Should your client display any kind of irritation or redness to the skin, refrain from performing the treatment.

What are the timings?

The timings for your perming and setting lotion is between 7-13 minutes – full instructions are included within the kit.


Our tip…

These products are for trained and qualified professionals only and be sure to make a note of the date on your products once opened on the bottom so you can keep track.

Who wants to carry a big role of cling film with them to cover the brows…no one! Grab our perfect little pink box of Brow Lamination brow film to add to your kit.

Weight 1509 g

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