Gel Remover 5ml


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The gel remover is used in order to remove your clients lashes. The remover is easy to apply with a Micro Swabs or Disposable Lip Brushes and its is a thin liquid consistency.

Lushlash tip…
With the use of our Gel Pads and Micro Swab Tools a removal should be an easy process returning your clients lashes back to their natural look.


Steps to follow:
Please avoid contact with the internal eye and follow the below directions for use:
▫Apply under eye pads to your clients lower lashes making sure their bottom lashes are taped down
▫Apply a layer of gel remover across the top layer of lashes
▫Leave for 5-10 minutes
▫Gently remove extensions with a micro fibre brush or tweezers
▫Repeat the process again from the top if needed
▫Once all lashes are off clean clients lashes and rinse thoroughly

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