LS Tweezer


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The LL Lashes LS Tweezers are a 75 degree tweezer that has a large pick up surface and a precise point which makes them a perfect choice for russian volume lashes.

All our tweezers have been hand tested and our LS tweezer was tested with our 0.07 Volume LL Lashes.


Lushlash tip…

There are a large number of tweezers available. It is important to test tweezers until you have found the one that is most comfortable to you and easy to use.

Once you have gained more experience as a lash artist you will know exactly what your tweezer style is.

Your tweezers are your main tool so do make sure you keep them safe! Have you thought about using a Tweezer Protector – this could save you from damaging that fave pair one day! We also recommend that you store your tweezers securely in a Tweezer Case.

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