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This innovative product does exactly what is says! It creates that superbond!!

How does it work?

Superbonder adds elasticity to the adhesive bonding points, making them less likely to break or fracture.  They mix with cyanoacrylate in the adhesive. The curing process starts from inside, pushing any moisture out and resulting in a stronger more flexible bond.

The way the product works will also result in your client’s eyes being a lot less irritated after the treatment. As fumes are the main culprit for this, superbonder will minimize this happening.


. Superbonder will maximize your retention by 20-30%

. Works alongside any adhesive

. Very cost effective as a little goes a long way

. You can get your lashes wet within 3 minutes after your appointment is finished

. Reduce the fumes, in turn reducing levels of irritation


How to use Superbonder?

1 – Once you have completed your treatment make sure your client’s eyes stay shut and wait 2 minutes from the last eyelash extension being attached

2 – Squeeze 1 small drop of superbonder directly onto a microfibre brush

3 – Apply the superbonder directly to the adhesive – only a small amount is needed (do not soak the lashes)

4 – Allow to air dry, after 3 minutes your lashes are now able to get wet with no retention issues at all!

5 – Wait for people to rave about how unreal their retention is!!


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