Lushlift Sample Pack


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HThis FREE Lushlift sample pack contains…

1 x Step 1 sachet

1 x Step 2 sachet

1 x Mascara wands

1 x Lip wands

1 x Eye Pads

Each sachet will enable you to complete two treatments, two Lushlifts completely free! Sachets must be used within 10 days once open.


Timings (repeat for step 1 & step 2)

  • Fine/weak lashes 2-3 minutes
  • Medium average lashes 4-5 minutes
  • Thick course lashes 6 minutes


Lushlash tip…

Take your time when applying the natural lashes to the rod or shield. This will enable a much cleaner crisp look at the end, application is super important!

Our Ribbed LushLift Shields make it easy to get the natural lashes nice and neat due to their ribbed surface.

Please note these are only available to purchase as one off samples and not for constant purchase

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