Emma Smith


I am the Owner and Director of the Lushlash Hair & Beauty Salon, Lushlash Training Academy and the LL Lashes product line. I have been doing lash extensions since 2015 and have been a qualified teacher since 2017. I began lashing as I wanted a career that would work around my two small children. It did exactly that and it was the best decision I have ever made. I practised every single day for hours a day until I could perfect my skills. I love nothing more than taking my time making perfect fans and creating a mega volume full set with full coverage. My passion above all is teaching and sharing my knowledge with the hundreds of students I have the privilege of teaching on a weekly basis. I can honestly say I love every bit of what I do and if this is work…I am living the dream!
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Lisa Fitch

CEO / Director

I joined the team back in 2018. I work mostly behind the scenes the bulk of the time on business development for the salons, training & products. This includes marketing and social media. I enjoy putting together exciting new courses and course materials and speaking to our students. The product line is growing by the day and I am fully invested from the making of the product to the packaging. In 2019 we opened up a salon over in Halstead and I became a company Director. In 2022 I decided it was time to get hands on and have since qualified in various lash and brow treatments.

I can quite genuinely say I love my job, I love the balance being in the beauty industry has created for me and so many other working mums I have the pleasure of speaking to. It has allowed me the opportunity to take care of my children and work at the same time and for that I am grateful.

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Becca Milam

Junior Lash Artist


Paige Layzell

Senior Lash Artist

I’ve been qualified in lash extensions since 2018 and love nothing more than creating a nice fluffy set of Russian lashes. Since joining the team I have also trained in lash lifts, henna brows, brow lamination, waxing and tinting.

I enjoy being part of salon life, and have a great team of girls working alongside me. In my spare time I do love a cheeky gin and a good night out! A girly night out and a gin in hand makes me one happy lady!

Master Lash Artist

I have been a Lash Artist since 2017 and this has by far been my best ever job choice. I trained with the Lushlash Training Academy and never looked back. I now love nothing more than to create a nice full set of lashes and a perfectly curved Lushlift. I loved doing lushlifts so much that I decided to train further and since 2018 I have been teaching alongside my colleagues in the Lushlash Training Academy. I am also trained in waxing and taming those brows is very much a guilty pleasure.

When I am not over in Lushlash Witham with the team doing treatments or training I am at the pub, not just any pub but my own pub. Fun fact, in 2021 I opened up a pub with my business partner and whilst life is busy, I wouldn’t have it any other way!


Ruby Syce

Senior Lash Artist/Salon Manager

I have been a qualified Lash Artist since 2018 and have since trained in Lushlifts and waxing. I always loved beauty but never had the courage to pursue my dream. I then joined the Lushlash Training Academy and completed my first of many courses and never looked back. I absolutely love what I do.

Creating full sets and a smile on my clients face is exactly why I chose this profession and I am lucky to have built a lovely client base at the salon.

At the beginning of 2022 I completed my training course and came full circle and now spend my weekends teaching students how to become classic lash queens.

In my spare time I love socialising, eating out and I spend a lot of time with my niece and nephew whom I adore!

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Debby Strode Smith

Nail Artist

I am a qualified Nail Technician. I pursued nails for the first time back in 2003 and on and off whilst my children were small. I began doing nails again full time when my children were older in 2016 and I now love working in a salon environment with all the girls. I do both gel and acrylic and in my spare time I love getting creative with my side business with resin also.
kezia smith

Keziah Smith

Hair Stylist

I’ve been obsessed with hair since I was little, my mum and I were always coming up with new styles for school. I’ve been fully qualified for 4 years now and in that time my career has taken me all across England, Italy and Spain.

I also run my own online business where I crochet toys in my spare time and I love to be creative. I love working in a busy salon environment and making people feel great about themselves.

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Danielle Robins

Hair Stylist

I began my career as a Saturday girl at 15, 6 months later I took on a hairdressing apprenticeship, qualified in my level 2 and 3 hairdressing and have been qualified since 2018. I love being creative in every way. The best part of being a hairdresser is giving my client’s that makeover experience and making them feel good. In my spare time I am a foodie so I LOVE going out for dinner.


Michaela Ashdown

Hair Stylist/Assistant Manager

I’m Michaela (known as Kayla to most) I have been in the hair industry for 13 years now running a busy column. I have always been completely hair obsessed and I still love my job as much now as the day I started. I have been lucky enough to travel all over for training and even attended a training course and competition in Italy where I competed against stylists from all over Europe. I am a mum of two beautiful girls and feel very lucky that I can work my career around my family. I love nothing more than creating beautiful hair and making people feel amazing about themselves.

Annabel Dean

Hair Stylist

I started hairdressing when I was only 14 and fell in love straight away. I started working in a local salon for three years before venturing off to work on a cruise ship. I worked as an onboard hairdresser for a year gaining experience in a huge variety of hair from all over the world. I’ve been working back in England ever since and am still always learning new things! I specialise in colour and balayage mostly but love all things hair!

Lauren Gardiner

Nail Artist

I am a fully qualified nail technician. I qualified in gel manicures & pedicures in 2015. In 2019 I qualified in acrylic extensions. I enjoy trying new designs and love the client’s that I have gained since working in Lushlash Halstead. I have been in the Halstead salon since it opened and the team are like my family.

I really enjoy the job I do and the balance I have with a flexible team around me.

When I am not with clients I am running around after my two little boys!

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Daisy Clark

Senior Lash Artist

I joined the salon in 2019 and absolute love salon life. I have a real passion for everything aesthetics based and love helping clients to relax with a good facial and give them the glow they came in desiring. I am also fully qualified in microblading & ombre brows, both classic & russian lash extensions and an assortment of brow, facial and beauty treatments. In 2020 I became a trainer and I can genuinely say I LOVE my job.

When I am not making other people look and feel beautiful, I am spending time with friends, family and exploring as many new restaurants as I can.


Chloe Taylor

Senior Lash Artist

I’m a mummy to my beautiful daughter Aaliyah. The main reason I chose to train as a lash technician was because it was so flexible around my little girl and I wanted to try something different and learn a new skill. I have been a qualified lash artist since 2019 and I absolutely love it. My favourite thing to do is Russian volume lashes and I love to see clients happy with the finished result. As well as all lash extension styles I am also trained in B12, aqualyx and highly defined brows.

I really love what I do and when I am not working I am spending time with my family.

Daisy Clark


Kellie Rossiter

Shipping Manager & Product Administrator

I joined Lushlash Witham in 2019 as a Receptionist/ Administrator for the ever expanding product line. As the product line grew and moved into a warehouse, so did I. I review all incoming deliveries, process orders, package & ship parcels and help aid the smooth running of the warehouse.

When I am not surrounded by a treasure trove of lash supplies, I am at home cooking with my daughters and embracing the quality time with them.

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Neve Kingston


I have been working with the Lushlash team since 2020. I am based at the Lushlash Halstead Salon and whilst I am customer facing there, I am also at the end of the phone for both salons and for all product enquiries.

My main role is working behind the scenes on social media and speaking with clients. What I love most about my job is that no day is the same and I get to speak to a variety of different people all the time.

I recently moved into my first home so in my spare time I am busy making my house a home which I love!


Holly Cashman

Advanced Lash Artist

I joined Lushlash in 2021 in the Witham team.  I was lucky enough to be offered a job after working for myself and I love every minute. I am qualified in all lash extension types and all brow services. I now work between the two salons and love the both locations. It has been such a blessing finding at job that works around my children.

In my spare time I am in full mum mode and adore the time I have with my three children.

I joined the Lushlash Witham team in 2022 after having trained with the Lushlash Training Academy in both Classic & Russian lashes with Emma. I then went on to train in both lashlift and brow lamination also.

I love working in such a friendly and supportive salon environment and I LOVE creating a fully fluffy set of russian lashes. 

When im not at work I am a real gym lover and that’s where you will find me!

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Junior Lash Artist



Advanced Lash Artist

I joined the Lushlash Witham team in 2022 after having trained with the Lushlash Training Academy in both Classic & Russian lashes with Emma. I then went on to train in both lashlift and brow lamination also.

I love working in such a friendly and supportive salon environment and I LOVE creating a fully fluffy set of russian lashes. 

When im not at work I am a real gym lover and that’s where you will find me!

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