Winning Awards

Can you imagine our excitement when we heard we were finalists for the World Lash University Lash Competitions?! I cannot explain the squeals that were made by me and Emma when those emails pinged through to our inbox. It was about 10pm at night and Emma called me (for those of you who know me and Emma, us talking at this hour is not uncommon) and said “have you seen the emails, have you?!” we were both giggling and just so happy for each and every member of the team.

Earlier this year we entered several categories for the World Lash University 2020 Lash Competition. Myself, Emma, Abbie and Ruby were all due to attend in May and had our hotel booked. Imagine that, a child free day AND night plus a cheeky dinner, drinks and sleepover…we were sold! We had entered the following categories:

Trainer of the year award – Emma Smith & Abbie Waylett

Mega volume lashes – Abbie Waylett

Classic lashes – Ruby Syce

Salon of the year award – Lush lash Halstead & Lush lash Witham

Achievement – Ruby Syce

Guess what, we were finalists for all categories. We were blown away as you can imagine and therefore the idea of attending the awards were even more exciting to have our team and salons recognised. However, due to covid-19 the awards were cancelled, they were instead going to remain online awards so that the nominations did not go to waste.

We all tuned in on 17th May and we WON 3 AWARDS! What a buzz. Emma won 1st for trainer of the year, Abbie 3rd place for her mega volume entry and Ruby 3rd place for her classic lash set. Emma is a trainer like no other I have seen, she puts in so many hours and her dedication to her students is exemplary. She really commits to every single person she trains and this award could not have been more deserved, it goes without saying Emma cried. Likewise, Abbie and Ruby are always putting in the hours to better their craft and they are both technically exceptional! Abbie is also one of our trainers at our Training Academy and is therefore a great example to fellow students that even though the idea of being judged on your work may sound less than appealing, hard work truly pays off.

Ruby seems to be on a role this year and also in May The Lash Social Awards were announced and she went and won the 3rd place for another classic lash set entry AND she received the Head Judge Award! There is a reason we nickname her our “classic lash queen”. She is so talented and we could not be prouder of her progress. Ruby joined Lush lash as a student a couple of years ago and we knew she had to become part of our Lush lash team and the rest is history.

Lastly, other members of our team also took themselves out of their comfort zone and entered various categories including Ellie who also entered the Lash Social online competition for the 2-4d Russian volume category. Ellie is an advanced lash artist and our Halstead Salon Manager and she is incredible. We are so proud of her for entering her first competition and we look forward to seeing both her and other members of the team continuing to build their skills and really stand out in the lash industry.

We really are grateful for every single person that together creates the Lush lash family.

Lisa x 

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